Alisha Adams

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Alisha Adams

Date: September, 2021.

Alisha Adams is a sexy and famous porn star for her bondage performance. This is her first intercrural scene and we were excited having her for a story-themed videoshoot. In this scene, Alisha is a female boss who gave her male subordinate an excellent review on his performance and in return she asks him to put his hard cock sliding between her ass cheek and deepthroating and face-fucking her as a warm up. Then she ensures that he’s still performing by getting him doing pussyjobs and grinding between her thighs and legs until he shoots all of his cum all over her sexy thighs.



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Alisha Adams (Full Version)

Female Boss Assjobs and Thigh Sex with her subordinate.


Full-Length (720p) 38 mins

Alisha Adams - Part 1

Part 1 - Asscheek fucking

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Alisha Adams - Part 2

Part 2 - Face fucking and Thigh Fucking Doggy Style

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Alisha Adams - Part 3

Part 2 - Cowgirl, Thigh Fucking and Cumshot

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