Graycee Baybee

Graycee Baybee photo head shot number one

Graycee Baybee

Date: April, 2022.

Graycee Baybee is a sexy and tall blonde model from the midwest with a beautiful pair of blue eyes, very mesmerizing. We were very excited to have her doing her first intercrural scene. There are two episodes in this scene. In the first episode, Graycee is on her business trip with her male assistant. Before her presentation, she asks him to prepare her report. She starts touching his crotch and eventually gets his hard cock thrusting deep inside her mouth. Her saliva is dripping on his cock and then she gets her asscheeks fucked hard and cum shoot all over her ass before her meeting. In the second episode, Graycee comes back from her presentation, looking for her male assistant and caught him masturbating to her underwear and that’s when the fun begins with her mouth, pussyjob and thighs job. A lot of cum shooting out between her thighs and dripping on her pantyhose at the end. You won’t be disappointed.



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Graycee Baybee - Episode 2 (Full Version)

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