Alexis James

Alexis James EP2 wearing a blue lingerie

Alexis James

Date: Jan, 2024.

Alexis James is a very seductive porn star who loves a step-family role-playing and talking dirty. This is her debut in the intercrural scene.

Episode 1: Alexis James was trying out her lingerie and asked her step-dad if it looked pretty on her. She looked stunning and he was getting fully erected. She noticed and started teasing him by kissing him and touching his crotch. He was reluctant at first and then she managed to successfully convince and seduce him. She dreamt of being her step-dad’s little whore. She invited him to put his hard cock on her pussy and rubbing her clit until she was getting wet. Thereafter, she let him fuck her mouth and deepthroating. Once his cock was hard, he fucked her ass-cheek rough and hard by pulling her hairs and slap her ass. He couldn’t contain his cum anymore and ejaculated all over and dripping down her ass.


Episode 2: Alexis James was about to take a shower. She was such as a daddy little whore and made her step-dad fully aroused.
Her step-dad couldn’t contain himself and started groping her and playing her clit and pussy lips. She then kneel down and let him deepthroat he. Her saliva was drooling out of her mouth. Thereafter, he proceeded to fuck her thighs rough and hard. She was moaning hysterically as his hardcock rubbing against her clit and thighs.
Eventually, he shot all of his load and cum-dripping all over her thighs.


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Episode 1 “Step-daughter Seduction with Pussyjobs & Assjobs”

Alexis James - Step-daughter Seduction
(Full-Length - Episode 1)

Slutty step-daughter seduces with assjobs and pussyjobs

Full-Length (1080p)
25 mins

Alexis James - Fuck my Thighs Daddy!
(Full-Length - Episode 2)

Slutty step-daughter wants to get her thighs fucked and cumshot.

Full-Length (720p)
18 mins