Agatha Delicious (NEW RELEASE EP1)

Agatha Delicious in a sexy lingerie

Agatha Delicious

Date: May, 2023.

Agatha Delicious is a sexy, tall, and strong (Amazon) woman. She is well-known from wrestling fetish videos. We were glad for having her for our intercrural videos. If a female domination is your fetish, you won’t be disappointed with these videos.

Episode 1:¬†Agatha was having a wet dream and was getting horny. She laid down a trap to catch a pervert. Finally, she caught him and used him to sexually satisfy herself. She demanded him to eat and worship her pussy until she had orgasm. She scissorholds him so he couldn’t get away. Thereafter, she dominated and commanded him to get his hard cock gridning and fucking her beautiful asscheeks. He couldn’t contain it and shoots his load all over her ass. She wasn’t amused by a mess he made.


Episode 2: Coming soon


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Episode 1 “Peverted Amazon Woman Assjob Trap”

Agatha Delicious
Assjobs Domination
(Full Version - Episode 1)

Amazons, Female Domination, Blowjobs, Assjobs, Asscheek fucking

Full-Length (1080p)
16 mins